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Dog Bite Injury Blog

A blog for attorneys & dog bite victims by animal behavior expert, Richard Polsky, PhD. The dog bite injury blog was created to report current news about injury caused to people as a result of being attacked by a canine. An animal behavior perspective is used. Stories for inclusion have been carefully chosen based on where the incident happened, the breed of dog involved, the nature of the injury, legal implications, and whether a canine fatality occurred.

Predatory dog bite attack by dog packs in California, Texas, Georgia, Ohio

People who are alone are probably at greater risk of being severely attacked and possibly killed by a pack of dogs. This is particularly true if a person encounters aRead More

Dog bite attack by pack of Great Danes in Colorado

It is widely believed by animal behavior specialists that well-bred Great Dane dogs are docile by nature, provided that they are well-trained and socialized. Nonetheless, some Great Danes together asRead More

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  • User August 21, 2013
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Expert opinion on Cane Corso fatal dog attack in New York

A Cane Corso fatal dog attack in New York tragically took the life four-year-old boy in May, 2011.  This incident along with other reported severe dog bite attacks by individuals ofRead More

Movement on bicycle possible trigger to dog bite attack on 10-year-old girl in Kentucky

The predatory aggressive behavior of dogs is frequently triggered by movement of children on skateboards, roller blades, and bicycles. Predatory aggressive behavior is probably more common in dogs developed forRead More

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  • User August 17, 2013
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