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Take the pit bull identification test

Accurate identification of pit bulls can be difficult.  Breeds of dog other than the pit bull are often involved in dog attacks, and are occasionally mistakenly identified  as a “pit bull”.

If one examines the photographs below, it becomes clear how this could readily  be done. Many breeds have similar physical appearance to that o a pit bull type dog, both in shape, size and facial features.  This is particularly true of mastiff type dogs.

Below are photographs of 16 different breeds.  The photographs below were checked carefully for reliability, and posted with near certainty that the image represents  the breed to which the dog is identified.  Scroll to the bottom of the page to reveal the dog’s identity.

bull mastiff dog bite  1           2      3
 4 Pit bull brown and white      5 6
7 8 9
10 11 12
13 14 15





1. Bull mastiff

2.  Bull Terrier

3. Dogo argentino

4.  Rhodesian ridgeback

5. Pit bull terrier

6. Vizsla

7. Boerboel

8.  French mastiff

9.  Brazilian mastiff

10.  Cane corso

11.  Shar-pei

12 .  Labrador retreiver

13.   Spanish alano

 14.  Boxer

 15.  American Bulldog

 16. Old English bulldogge