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Reader offers useful link on dog bite prevention

Q. I have enjoyed your site, it has been informative. I have an observation I would like to make about all the sites that deal with dog bites and dog attacks, that is the lack of any meaningful solution, except one. I have found a site that offers a solution not only to reducing the number of dog attacks but will reduce the number of dogs turned over to shelters or veterinarians to be destroyed because of behavioral problems. For the safety of our children and the welfare of our dogs visit

James Webster

A. I appreciate your interest in my company’s web site. it is not intended to offer solutions to the dog bite problem, particularly as it is directed towards children. Nevertheless, this is very important information for parents to have, and I agree with you that the majority of sites out there on the Internet are not very useful in this regard. I have looked at the Web site you suggested and feel that it it warrants inclusion as a link on Thank you very much for this information.

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