Dog bite expert & animal behavior specialist

Richard H. Polsky, PhD, CDBC
Los Angeles, California

“Bringing the science of animal behavior to attorneys”

Dr. Richard Polsky - The Dog Expert


Why retain dog bite expert witness Dr. Polsky?

  • Dog bite expert Richard Polsky is an academically trained animal behaviorist with a
    in animal behavior. His academic experience in this discipline therefore puts him in a position to render testimony that is consistent with current scientific standards about the behavior of domestic dogs.
  • Dr. Polsky maintains a private practice in Los Angeles which has afforded him the opportunity for hands-on animal behavior experience with dogs. As an applied animal behaviorist, he has worked with over 10,000 pet owners in his 30+ year career, and he has certification through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.
  • Dr. Polsky has effectively testified in dog bite cases (both for defense and planitiff) as well
    as criminal cases before juries on many occasions. He is an experienced dog bite expert.
    He has been providing services to attorneys since 1993.
  • Attorneys should rest assure that by retaining Dr. Polsky they will have on-board a well-qualified and eperienced animal behavior expert. There are very few animal behavior experts in the United States who possess all of the above mentioned qualifications.
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 Testimonials Dr. Polsky from attorneys:

  • “Your testimony was crucial to the outcome of the case. I thought that your testimony in our of proof to the court helped the court understand not only why your testimony should be admited, but also why animal behavior is a recognized scientific
    field of study that would help this jury, and any jury, understand the important issues that appear in these kinds of cases.”

    William Croft, Esq. Law Offices of Hollenbeck, Lancaster, Miller & Andrews.
    Spokane, WA.
  • “Richard Polsky is probably the best expert in the country if you need one.”
    Solomon S. Neuhardt II, Esq.  Billings, Montana
  • “The consensus was that you testified well. You looked at the jury when you spoke,
    you remained calm in spite of provocation by the defense, and you perked up to a state
    of justified argumentativeness when confronted with the training exercise of the police
    dogs. Good work, thanks.”

    Benjamin Pavone, Esq. Law Offices of Benjamin Pavone, San Diego, CA.

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Ten areas in which Dr. Polsky can offer dog bite expert witness opinion:

  • Breed identification and behavioral proclivities of different breeds;
  • The dangerous or vicious nature of the dog in question;
  • The behavioral capabilities of the dog at the time the incident happened;
  • Whether provocation was a factor in causing the dog to bite;
  • The care and maintenance of a dog and how these factors influence behavior;
  • Was the incident foreseeable to the dog owner, or a landlord?
  • The side effects of drugs and how they impact aggressive responding and the safety
    and reliability of dog training equipment;
  • Identification of the dog which did the biting when multiple dogs are involved in an
  • How gross misconduct of an owner impacts a dog’s behavior.
  • Reconstruct how the incident must have happened for the purposes of rejecting or
    supporting testimony in the case.

Typical assignments for the dog bite expert

  • When necessary, conduct a behavioral examination of the dog to determine if the dog
    was dangerous by nature, or had the potential to engage in behavior that led to injury
    of the victim;
  • Review depositions and other discovery to determine if the plaintiff provoked the dog, or if there were steps the defendant could have taken to prevent the incident from happening;
  • Assist the attorney by pointing to facts of the case that support or reject arguments about liability;
  • Develop questions for the attorney for use in deposition or trial;
  • Draft reports or declarations stating opinions; provide testimony at deposition or trial.