Dog Bite | Animal Behavior Expert Witness For Attorneys

Richard H. Polsky, Ph.D. CDBC
Los Angeles, California

“Bringing the science of animal behavior to attorneys”

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Ten important areas of expertise for the canine behavior expert witness

  1. Breed identification and behavioral proclivities of different breeds;Animal behavior expert opinion
  2.  Proffering opinions about the dangerous or vicious nature of the dog;
  3.  Determining what the behavioral capabilities of the dog were at the time the incident happened;
  4.  Determining whether provocation was a factor in causing the dog to bite;
  5.  Proffering opinions about the care and maintenance of a dog and how these factors influenced its behavior;
  6.  Determining if the incident foreseeable to the dog owner, or a landlord?
  7.  Determining the side effects of drugs and how they impact aggressive responding;
  8.  Identifying the dog which did the biting when multiple dogs are involved in an
  9.  Determining if the gross misconduct of an owner impacted the dog’s behavior;
  10.  Reconstruction of the incident which caused injury to the plaintiff.

What are the typical assignments for the canine behavior expert?

  • When necessary, conduct a behavioral examination of the dog to determine if the dog
    was dangerous by nature, or had the potential to engage in behavior that led to injury
    of the victim;
  • Review depositions and other discovery to determine if the plaintiff provoked the dog, or if there were steps the defendant could have taken to prevent the incident from happening;
  • Assist the attorney by pointing to facts of the case that support or reject arguments about liability;
  • Develop questions for the attorney for use in deposition or trial;
  • Draft reports or declarations stating opinions; provide testimony at deposition or trial


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