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Elderey Florida woman seriously injured in pit bull dog bite attack

An 89-year-old lady in Geneva, Seminole County Florida, was working in her backyard when she was was attacked by her neighbor’s pit bull on May 23, 2013. The pit bull jumped the fence separating the properties. The victim was taken to the hospital and released after sustaining puncture wounds on both legs, serious lacerations to her arm and bite wounds on her ear. The attack was stopped by a neighbor jumped the fence and pulled the dog away.  About a month before this incident, the victim states she had an aggressive encounter with the same dog. Legal action is being considered in this case against the dog owner.

Occurrences like this are common, particularly when a territorial/protective type dog with a history of aggression towards people or another dog in an adjacent property, locates a means of escape either through jumping the fence or digging under. dog bite attack


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