Dog bite expert & animal behavior specialist

Richard H. Polsky, PhD, CDBC
Los Angeles, California

“Bringing the science of animal behavior to attorneys”

Dr. Richard Polsky - The Dog Expert

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Dog bite expert in Canada

Dr. Polsky is available to barristers in Canada as a dog bite expert witness. He has qualified in Canadian courts as an expert in animal behavior in civil trials in Ontario and British Columbia, and was retained in Calgary in 2010 in a high profile dog mauling bite expert Canada

Barristers should note that the physical presence of Dr. Polsky may not be not required. The majority of the expert work can be done remotely. For example, in one case the matter proceeded to trial, and live video feed was established with Dr. Polsky in Los Angeles and projected into the court room in British Columbia. If the dog is alive for inspection, and inspection is necessary, arrangements can be made with a local dog trainer to conduct the testing protocol, under the instruction from Dr. Polsky, and have it videotaped for subsequent analysis.

Dr. Polsky’s background in the science of animal behavior and his familiarity with the research literature on dog behavior lends well to the recent approach Canadian courts have taken.  Namely, experts are encouraged to use science-based evidence from studies in the academic and clinical literature, rather than relying mainly on personal experience, to support or refute legal arguments. Dr. Polsky can assist the Court by using findings from the scientific literature that have bearing on various legal issues in dog bite cases.

Canadian lawyers should contact Dr. Polsky directly to discuss his availability and the details of the services provided.