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Richard H. Polsky, Ph.D. CDBC
Los Angeles, California

“Bringing the science of animal behavior to attorneys”

Dog bites in the USA

This section of contains stories about dog bites in the US, including fatal dog attacks. Use the search box to search by keyword or to navigate to a particular US state. Also see Dog bites by breed and dog bite statistics.  Attorneys in need of a dog bite expert witness, click here.  Dog bite victims click here.[1]This page is a work in progress. Updates will be made as quickly as possible. Please revisit. Suggestions for inclusion welcomed.

AlabamaFatal dog attack by unrestrained German Shepherd mix in Tallahassee AL
ArizonaFabian’s law in Arizona
Expert witness opinion in a dog bite lawsuit in Arizona
Excessive force by a police K-9
Mauling by pit bull on donkey in Arizona
No provocation when man bites dog in Arizona
Dog bites child on airplane in Arizona: Concerns about about dog bite safety
Recent dog bite hospital and emergency room statistics in Arizona
Redirected aggression kills two-year-old boy
Bizarre dog bite incident on school bus by a pit bull in Arizona
ArkansasFatal dog attack in Arkansas by pack of pit bulls
Fatal dog attack by Bull mastiff on 75-year-old lady in Hot Springs
Pit bull attacks 3 y.o in Jonesboro when mother lies on adoption papers
CaliforniaFatal dog attack on infant by Pomeranian
California Dog Bite Statistics
Why the high frequency of fatal dog bite attacks in So. California?
San Francisco dog bite statistics
Civil rights police K-9 dog bite attack in San Diego
Costly legal battle over potentially dangerous dogs in Yucca Valley
Dog bite hospitalization in California
Dog bite verdict of $800,000 against California mayor
Fatal dog mauling by family pit bull in Pacifica, California
Great Dane snatches child from mother
Police dog "bite-and-hold" results in $145k settlement for excessive force
Dog Whisperer sued for negligence in dog bite attack
Did coughing trigger a predatory fatal dog attack ?
California dog bites fatalities update
Guilty verdict in fatal dog attack on 63-year-old woman by pack of dogs
Siberian husky dog bite to 10 y.o. at school bus stop
Dog bite fatality to two-year-old visiting grandmother
Dog bite fatalities in California at record levels in 2013
Murder charges filed against owner of pit bulls in dog bite fatality
Reconstruction of a German Shepherd attack
Landlord Dog Bite Liability
Vicious attack on a 4 y.o. by a police canine
Dog Bite statute California
ColoradoDog bite survey in Colorado shows few dogs bite people
Dog bite attack by pack of Great Danes
ConnecticutDog bite expert analysis of chimp mauling in Connecticut
FloridaKnock-down injury by Golden retreiver near Jacksonville
$1.26 million verdict in Akita dog bite case
Noise from a hearing aid causes dog attack
Statistics & factors affecting risk for dog bite injury in Florida
Further evidence for dangerous nature of police canine in Florida
$1 million in Florida against property owner
Florida man mauled by pet monkey
DNA analysis used in deadly dog attack
Labrador retriever viciously bites eight-year-old girl in face
Fatal dog bite attack by chained Rottweiler on toddler
Florida dog bite statistics from State Farm Insurance Company 2012
Dog bite mauling by boxer dogs
Elderly woman seriously injured in pit bull attack
Family pit bulls attack and kill six-year-old boy
Georgia$36 million award for punitive damages
Hard to believe dog bite fatalities by pack of dogs
Fatal dog bite attack by 7 dogs of family kill toddler
Missing Boy in Georgia Found Mauled to Death
Dog bite fatality kills college student in DeKalb
Hawaii$500,000 punitive damage award in Rottweiler dog bite attack in Hawaii
IllinoisFrench mastiff dog bite fatality in Illinois
$1.1 million in record settlement in bull mastiff dog bite attack
Pit Bull Mauling in Chicago: Early Morning Jog Turns Gruesome
IndianaPit bull kills infant with redirected aggression in Indiana
Indiana dog bite statistics, 2012
IowaFew defenses available to counter Iowa dog bite statute
Man bites dog in Iowa
Louisiana64-year-old lady was mauled to death in her home in Shreveport on February 27, 2020.
Dog bite fatality Houma, Louisiana which mastiff type dogs killed a four-year-old girl
Maryland87-year-old man in Maryland first dog bite fatality victim in 2015
Fatal dog attack by pit bull on 56-year-old lady in wheelchair in Maryland
MichiganBreed misidentification in dog bite fatality
Intoxicated Lady Suffers from a Dog Bite in Michigan
Trespass no defense to pit bull mauling of 6 y.o. girl
Criminal prosecution for fatal dog bite to toddler by Doberman?
Suicide by fatal dog attack
Second-degree murder charges in Cane Corso fatal dog bite
Dog packs increase dog bite risk in Detroit

MinnesotaSiberian Husky fatal dog attack on infant in Minnesota and Alberta, Canada
MississippiPolice dog bite at MS. St. football game
Pit bull debate resurfaces in Mississippi
NevadaDog bite settlement from incident in animal shelter in Las Vegas
New York
New JerseyNew Jersey Dog Bite Verdict: $1.5 Million
Knock down in dog park
New Jersey boy survives vicious Rottweiler dog bite attack
Off-duty police K-9 viciously attacks canine handler
Fatal dog attack by bull mastiff on 13-year-old boy
North Carolina
PennsylvaniaRottweiler attack on four-year-old girl results in $130,000 settlement.
60-year-old lady mauled death by group of three pit bulls in Miller Township Read more
South CarolinaFatal dog attack inflicted by two boxers on 52-year-old lady
Peer-reviewed study which examines risk factors associated with severe dog bites
Supreme Court reverses appellate court's decision about fatal dog attack and partially eaten body of 10-year-old boy
Fatal dog attack on 52-year-old lady by boxers
TexasFatal dog attack kills toddler in Hunt County
Expert opinion on a dog bite to the face by a German Shepherd in a Petco store
DNA Fails to identify stray dogs involved in fatal dog attack
Why the high rate of fatal dog attacks in Texas?
DNA Fails to Identify stray dogs Involved in fatal dog Attack
Mom bites off dog's ear to stop pit bull attack on two-year-old daughter
Process server killed by Labrador retriever led dog pack
Additional Texas dog bite fatalities in 2015
Predation likely motive behind fatal dog attack
Animal behavior perspective on fatal dog attack
Horrific Bull Mastiff Fatal Dog Attack
Texas records first dog bite fatality in USA for 2014
Fatal Dog Attack on Toddler in Magnolia
Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott sued for $1 million
Read more
UtahNews stories about chained pit bull attacking a six-year-old, and a court-ordered settlement for $250,000 to a lady who was attacked by Rottweiler
VirginiaFatal dog attack on 90 y.o lady in Virginia Beach by predatory aggressive pit bull.
West Virginia
Wisconsin$900,000 settlement reached in dog bite fatality incident in Rockingham County.

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1 This page is a work in progress. Updates will be made as quickly as possible. Please revisit. Suggestions for inclusion welcomed.

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