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Animal behavior analysis of dog bite news and dog bite law in the USA

Alabama Alabama2-150x150

Read about an incident in which a four-year-old killed by unrestrained German Shepherd mix in Tallahassee.

Alaska   Alaska dog bite expert

Dog bite news in Alaska forthcoming

Arizona   Arizona dog bite expert

Several noteworthy stories which include an incident in which a man bit the dog to break up a dog fight,  recent dog bite statistics, and how animal behavior expert opinion applies to dog bite law in Arizona.

Arkansas  Arkansas dog bite expert

News about fatal dog attacks involving pit bulls and bull mastiffs and an incident in which an animal shelter lied to about the temperament of a pit bull to during the intake process.

California California dog bite expert
Dog bite news from San Diego, Little Rock, San Francisco and Santa Monica.  In addition, find out about why the  high dog bite rate in Southern California news about Cesar Milan, aka the “Dog Whisperer”, troubles with the law.

Colorado    Colorado dog bite expert
Dogs in packs may present a grave danger to people they encounter particularly if they are and large size dog such as the great Dane.

Connecticut   Connecticut
Read about an infamous chimpanzee attack by a chimp named Travis – a well-publicized incident having clear implication for strict liability laws as it pertains to animals in Connecticut.

FloridFlorida dog bite experta  
Read about dog bite statistics, fatal dog attacks, and large jury verdicts for dog bite injury in Florida.

Georgia dog expert Georgia
News about an award for punitive damages in the amount of $36 million along with stories about  several incidences of fatal dog attacks, one involving a pack of unrestrained dogs, in Georgia.

Hawaii  Hawaii dog bite expert
$500,000 for punitive damages was awarded to a dog bite victim attacked by a Rottweiler in Kahala.

Idaho   Idaho dog bite expert
Dog bite news for the state of Idaho forthcoming.

Illinois  Illinois dont like expert
 $1.1 million record settlement for teenager attack by a bull mastiff.

Indiana  Indiana dog bite expert
Read about  dog bite statistics for the state of Indiana published by State Farm insurance Company for 2012

Iowa  Iowa dog bite expert
Read about an appellate decision addressing strict liability for dog bites in the state of Iowa.

Kansas   Kansas dog bite expert


Louisiana  Louisiana dog bite expert

Maryland   Maryland dog bite expert

Michigan  Michigan dog bite expert

Minnesota   Minnesota dog bite expert

Mississippi  Mississippi dog bite expert

Missouri    Missouri dog bite expert

Massachusetts    Massachusetts dog bite expert

Nebraska     Nebraska dog bite expert

Nevada   Nevada

New Jersey   New Jersey dog bite expert

New Mexico   New Mexico dog bite expert

New York   New York dog bite expert

North Carolina   North Carolina dog bite expert

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Oklahoma   Oklahoma dog bite expert

Oregon    Oregon dog bite expert

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