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Dog bite mauling by boxer dogs in Florida

BoxerZEPHYRHILLS, Fla. – An 84-year-old Pasco County man is recovering in the hospital Monday after two boxer dogs mauled him over the weekend. Investigators say he was just walking to get his newspaper when the the dogs began their vicious attack. The police report says the dogs knocked John Ashmore to the ground, latched on to his arms and legs, and were “ripping flesh with every attack.”

The victim has a fighting chance to survive, mostly because of his neighbor, Ernie Nailer. “When I opened up the door, I heard John screaming, dogs attacking, and I went running,” he said. Nailer was able to fend off the two boxers until police arrived and killed them both. The police report says the dogs somehow got loose from their owner’s fenced in yard.

A “Beware of Dog” sign is posted outside the home of Maurice Vankinscott and Olga Melendez. Investigators say two dogs belonging to them mauled an elderly man on Sunday.

The condition of an 84-year-old grandfather, viciously attacked by two dogs over the weekend, improved on Monday.According to his family and the hospital, John Ashmore was upgraded from serious to stable condition.

Pasco County deputies have also released the names of the owners of the two boxers involved in the attack. Maurice Vankinscott and Olga Melendez, the owners, live just a few houses down from Ashmore.Vankinscott told investigators the animals managed to get through a hole in a backyard fence, escaping not only on Sunday, but on Saturday as well.

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