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Dog Bite Injury Blog

A blog for attorneys & dog bite victims by animal behavior expert, Richard Polsky, PhD. The dog bite injury blog was created to report current news about injury caused to people as a result of being attacked by a canine. An animal behavior perspective is used. Stories for inclusion have been carefully chosen based on where the incident happened, the breed of dog involved, the nature of the injury, legal implications, and whether a canine fatality occurred.

Watch vicious pit bull attack inside San Francisco public library

Videos of vicious pit bulls  attacks on people demonstrate  the danger some dogs of the pit bull type present to public safety. Another avoidable incident was captured on video onRead More

Watch video of vicious police K9 attack in Maine

Subsequent to the laws which now require police to wear body cams, videos are becoming increasingly common on YouTube showing the vicious attacks by police canines on suspects. Here’s anotherRead More

Standard of care in a dog bite lawsuit

The standard of care afforded  a dog is an issue that  occasionally arises in dog bite lawsuits. Basically this issue concerns itself with the care and management a person givesRead More

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Dog bites & Children

Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is frequent consequence of dog bite injury. Studies have shown that approximately 40% of dog bite victims, particularly children, will be afflicted with this kindRead More

Fatal dog bite by Boxers on 52 y.o. lady in South Carolina

Fatal dog bites inflicted by boxers are rare occurrences. Nevertheless, the potential for fatal dog attacks by a boxer exists provided the circumstances are present to make a dog biteRead More

Watch video of police K9 attack in Florida

A video of police K9 attack on an suspect who had already surrendered exemplifies the difficulty handlers have in controlling their K9s during suspect apprehension. The incident, which happened inRead More

What counts as a dog bite in California?

Imagine the scenario where German shepherd escapes from the confines of its house in California runs into the yard and seizes the leg of a workman on a ladder. TheRead More

Animal behavior science and the inherently dangerous nature of attack trained police K-9s

Presentation by Richard  Polsky at the annual meeting the Animal Behavior Society, August 2021 The perspective from animal behavior science is needed to fully understand and explain the behavior ofRead More

Canine handler abusing his K9 partner shown in disturbing video

As a police K9 bite expert, I am knowledgeable of the various training techniques used to attack-train a police K9. I also have become familiar with and have testified aboutRead More

Bite history of a rescue dog must now be disclosed in California

People occasionally are bitten and attacked by a dog after adoption from an animal shelter or rescue organization. As a dog bite expert witness, I have been involved in aRead More