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Richard H. Polsky, PhD, CDBC
Los Angeles, California

“Bringing the science of animal behavior to attorneys”

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Dog Bite Expert Witness

Dr. Polsky is an well-qualified dog bite expert witness and animal behavior specialist. He has over 30 years experience working Dog bite expert witnesswith companion dogs. He possesses a doctoral degree in animal behavior. Moreover, he is well-published in peer-reviewed journals in animal behavior. And he has testified in court as an expert witness on canine behavior on numerous occasions.  These unique qualifications set Dr. Polsky apart from other self-titled, non-academically trained animal behavior experts.

Dr. Polsky’s background and qualifications as a dog bite and animal behavior expert witness

Dr. Polsky earned a Ph.D. in animal behavior from the University of Leicester.  This was followed by six years of postdoctoral study in animal behavior at the University of Birmingham in England and later at the University of California at Los Angeles.

Dr. Polsky has trained and applied behavior therapy to thousands of canines and felines in private practice in Los Angeles California. He has worked on numerous occasions with  Rottweilers, Pit bulls, German shepherds, Cane corsos, Bull mastiffs, and other breeds capable of inflicting severe personal injury.

Attorneys have retained Dr. Polsky on hundreds of occasions. His work as an expert witness in animal behavior has helped numerous attorneys gain favorable outcomes for their clients.  Click here for testimonials.

Dr. Polsky has been retained equally often by plaintiff’s counsel and defense counsel in civil cases. His work as an expert witness on dog bites in criminal cases has been equally split between the prosecution and the defense. Most of his assignments have involved fatal dog attacks.

Click here for a more detailed look of the cases in which Dr. Polsky has proffered expert opinions on dog behavior.

Dr. Polsky’s approach as a canine bite specialist in animal behavior 

Dr. Polsky places strong emphasis on proffering expert opinions based on the findings and principals taken from the animal behavior and canine behavior literature.  He uses these findings in combination with the discovery from any given case to form opinions that are non-speculative and likely to be believed by the trier-of-fact.

Dr. Polsky answers these FAQ about dog behavior

  • Were sufficient precautions taken by the dog owner to protect public safety?
  • Did the police handler have his attack-trained K-9 under control?
  • Are attack-trained police K-9s inherently dangerous animals?
  • Did the dog possess the temperament to be safely adopted?
  • Did the dog owner act with callous disregard for public safety?
  • Was the plaintiff bitten by the dog or was the injury the result of a scratch?
  • Are pit bulls inherently dangerous animals?
  • Did the property owner know about the dog’s dangerous propensities?
  • Was the dog properly managed?
  • What purpose do leash laws serve?
  • Did the plaintiff provoke the dog to bite?
  • Are wolf hybrids safe to keep as pets?
  • Were the plaintiff’s version of events credible?
  • Was the incident foreseeable?

Assignments for Dr. Polsky 

Expert witness services provided by Dr. Polsky include: Consultation, documentation review, report writing, declarations, inspections, testimony, and wound evaluation

How to retain Dr. Polsky

Attorneys and law firms interested in retaining Dr. Polsky should initially phone, email or use the contact form to describe the fact pattern of their case. He will then provide feedback on whether his services might be of benefit.

Dr. Polsky’s fee schedule and curriculum vita will be forwarded upon request.

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