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Richard H. Polsky, Ph.D. CDBC
Los Angeles, California

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Animal behavior science and the inherently dangerous nature of attack trained police K-9s

Presentation by Richard  Polsky at the annual meeting the Animal Behavior Society, August 2021

Dangers nature attack train police canines
The inherently dangerous nature of attack-trained police K-9s was the topic of the presentation by Dr. Polsky to the annual meeting of the Animal Behavior Society in August 2021.

The perspective from animal behavior science is needed to fully understand and explain the behavior of dogs the police use to apprehend criminal suspects. Attack-trained police K-9s are governed by the same principles and findings from animal behavior science that govern the behavior of any mammalian species or any breed of dog.

This presentation reviews findings from the animal behavior and epidemiology literature that shed light on the reasons why attack trained police canines behave as they do and why these animals are so inherently dangerous. A nature versus nurture perspective is taken by reviewing findings from topics such as impulsivity, learning, arousal levels, genetics and training methods.

Infographic summarizing  the nature of Belgian Melinoises and the reasons why they are inherently dangerous animals  when used by the police for suspect apprehension.


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