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Fatal Dog Attack on Toddler in Magnolia,Texas

More fatal dog attacks occur in Texas than in any other state in the USA. There are a number of reasons to account for the high rate in Texas, some of which include the resistance of Texas politicians to enact laws which restrict or prohibit dangerous breeds, and because Texas is not a strict liability state for dog bites.

Another example of a tragic Texas dog bite fatality occurred in March 2011 when a pit bull dog killed a one-year-old boy in Magnolia, Texas.  Magnolia is located about 50 miles north of Houston. News reports indicate that the incident happened at the home of the boy’s 45-year-old grandmother. It is unclear if the dog belonged to the grandmother or the child’s mother. The child’s mother was not present at the time of the attack. Police killed the dog when they arrived at the scene.  Other details about this incident are lacking.




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