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Texas Dog Bite Expert Witness for attorneys

Texas dog bite expert
Richard Polsky, Ph.D. provides dog bite expert witness services to attorneys in Texas.

This page introduces Texas dog bite expert witness Richard Polsky, Ph.D. to attorneys and lawyers in Texas.

Attorney seeking the services of an expert witness in dog behavior are encouraged to contact Dr. Polsky to discuss the possibility of  retaining his services to opine about commonly occurring issues in Texas dog bite litigation: Did the owner know the dog was dangerous?  Was the owner negligent in the management of the dog?  Was the dog bite incident foreseeable?  Did the victim provoke the dog to bite?

Below, I report on noteworthy news on dog bite incidences from the Lone Star State. Most of these instances touch on the issues mentioned above. Note that Texas, unlike other nearby states such as Arizona, Texas does not impose statutory strict liability on the owner for dog bites. Instead, the plaintiff must prove that the defendant should have known about the dog’s dangerous tendencies prior to the incident in question.

Hence, to prove liability against an owner in Texas, in the majority of the cases, the plaintiff must demonstrate that the defendant acted negligently in terms of how the dog was contained, managed or handled. The degree of negligence by an owner can usually be determined by considering the totality of the circumstances present at the time of the incident. ((An overview of the laws in Texas as they pertain to animals including dogs and dog bites can be found on the website  maintained by the Michigan State University Law school.))

Given the above, below are stories and appellate decisions that may prove informative to Texas dog bite attorneys:


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