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Bull mastiff fatal dog bite attack on 2 y.o in Killeen, Texas

More fatal dog attacks happen in Texas than anywhere else in the USA.  The reasons for this high frequency have been discussed elsewhere on this website.


The most recent fatal dog attack in happened in Killeen, TexasTexas in early March, 2014. A bull mastiff dog was involved. In this incident, three people, ages 18, 8, and 2 years, were walking past the property where the dog resided. The dog escaped from the property through an open garage door, and initially attacked the eight-year-old girl. Shots were fired and people were able to pull the bull mastiff away from the girl. However, the dog then turned on the two-year-old boy, latched onto him, and then dragged him for some distance. The dog killed the boy very quickly. The eight-year-old girl was hospitalized in critical condition.


The bull mastiff is a large and powerful dog, and many can become very protective of their territory. the breed has been involved in a state of fatal dog attacks in 2013 – 2014. The reader should visit the section on bull mastiffs on this website for related dog bite stories involving the bull mastiff.

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