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Pit Bull Mauling in Chicago: Early Morning Jog Turns Gruesome


A 62 year old man jogging on the Lake Michigan shore in Chicago in the early morning was brutallydog expert Illinois mauled by two pit bull terriers on January 2nd, 2012. The victim, Joseph Finley, stated that although he was uncertain of the dog’s intent when he first encountered them, he nevertheless chose to run in the opposite direction, and shortly thereafter the dogs grabbed him and “they gnawed at my body like a hamburger. Finley says the dogs attacked him in a coordinated fashion as if they were trained to kill.  He used the training weights on his arms as a defense to stop the attack, but according to Finley this made the dogs more agitated.  A neighbor‘s attempts to stop the attack with a baseball bat were unsuccessful. Police arrived and killed the dogs with gunshot. Finley’s left foot and part of his leg were amputated. 


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