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Richard H. Polsky, Ph.D. CDBC
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“Bringing the science of animal behavior to attorneys”

Dog Bite Mauling | Fatal dog attack on 10-year-old boy in South Carolina

Dog bite expert South Carolina
The partially eaten body of a 10-year-old boy was found by his mother in the driveway of a neighbor. The conviction of the defendant was overturned but reversed subsequently by the Supreme Court.

The South Carolina Court of Appeals overturned the conviction of Bentley Collins in the dog bite mauling death of a 10-year-old Matthew Davis. In February 2012, Collins was convicted and   sentenced to five years in prison. He was convicted for involuntary manslaughter and owning dangerous dogs. Subsequently, the Supreme Court of South Carolina overturned the decision of the appellate court.

The victim was attacked by six dogs, mostly pit bull mixes, in the driveway of defendant’s home in November, 2006 in Dillon County, North Carolina. The partially eaten body of the boy was discovered by his mother. 

Appellate Court ruling

The appellate court ruled that the trial judge erred by allowing the jury to view photographs of the child’s partially eaten body. The court ruled that the trial court abused its discretion by allowing this prejudicial an inflammatory evidence to be seen by the jury. As noted above, this ruling was overturned by the South Carolina Supreme Court.

The presentation of these photos reminds me of the inflammatory photographs shown to the jury in the San Francisco dog mauling case. In this case, the photos were allowed into evidence. On the first day of trial, prosecution displayed photos of Diane Whipple’s mutilated body. The photograph showed Whipple’s body  laying on a gurney in the morgue shortly after the attack.  Understandably, some jury members turned their heads when the pictures were shown. Nonetheless, these photographs were allowed into evidence and apparently this was an effective strategy by the prosecution given that the two defendants, Marjorie Knoller and Robert Noel  were respectfully convicted of second-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter.

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