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Richard H. Polsky, Ph.D. CDBC
Los Angeles, California

“Bringing the science of animal behavior to attorneys”

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Dog Bite & Animal Behavior Expert Witness for Attorneys in Florida

Animal behavior & dog bite expert Richard Polsky, Ph.D. provides services to Florida attorneys in cases involving personal injury caused by dogs.

Animal behavior specialist and dog bite expert, Richard Polsky, Ph.D. provides expert witness services to attorneys in Florida litigating personal injury caused by dogs. Issues which Dr. Polsky has testified about in court in Florida have included those dealing with provocation and whether the injuries inflicted to an infant in Gainesville by an off-duty police officer were caused by a dog bite.

More about Dr. Polsky’s background and qualifications can be found on his curriculum vitae or Bio. Dr. Polsky is located in California. However, he welcomes inquiries from attorneys in Florida. Most assignments can be completed remotely including deposition testimony, report writing, etc.

Below, animal behavior and dog bite events specific to Florida are reported. Some of these new stories may have relevance to attorneys litigating dog-related injury cases.

Dog Bite Events in Florida


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1The circumstances surrounding this rather unusual instance about an animal attacking a human warrants inclusion on this website
2An 89-year-old lady in Geneva, Seminole County was in  her backyard in May, 2013 when she was was attacked by her neighbor’s pit bull who jumped the fence separating  the properties
3Although dated, but likely consistent with current statistics compiled by State Farm, dog bite statistics released by State Farm for the state of Florida shows that the company paid more than $7 million in dog bite claims to victims in Florida in 2012. Florida ranked eighth in the nation for payouts for claims by State Farm
4The victim’s left foot was mauled by an Akita at a dog show in Melbourne in 2008. The dog had a history of aggressive behavior towards people and possessed a propensity to attack the feet of people
5A toddler was killed in March 2013 after wandering into the front yard of a neighbor whose Rottweiler was chained to a pole