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Fatal dog bite attack by chained Rottweiler on toddler in Florida

A two-year-old was mauled and killed by a Rottweiler in Jacksonville, Florida in March 2013. According to local news, the Rottweiler was chained to a pole in a neighbor’s front yard, and the toddler wandered across the street as his mother was unloading groceries from her car.

Other dog bite fatalities and serious dog bite attacks on children have occurred in similar situations. That is, powerful dog like a Rottweiler or pit bull, chained in the front yard of a property, and a child wanders into the yard, perhaps due to lack of careful supervision. On the other hand, an owner unquestionably creates a potentially dangerous condition for neighborhood children by chaining any large, muscular breed in the front yard of their property.   Negligent actions like this often results in incidences similar to the one that happened in this case.


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