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Colorado Dog Expert Witness | Dog Bite News

Colorado dog expert witness, Richard Polsky, Ph.D. has in providing legal services to Colorado attorneys since 1993. Dr. Polsky welcomes inquiries from attorneys handling cases involving personal injury caused by dogs.

Colorado dog expert witness
Richard Polsky, Ph.D. welcomes inquiries from Colorado attorneys seeking a dog expert witness.

The expert services Dr. Polsky provides Colorado attorneys includes consultation, report writing, and obviously testimony when needed.  And, although he is based in California, most of legal services he provides can be done remotely, and his fees are reasonable. Dr. Polsky is a well-qualified and highly experienced dog expert witness.

Dog bite law in Colorado is almost entirely based on theories of negligence and foreseeability. Dr. Polsky is familiar with these legal issues how they dovetail with findings from the science of animal behavior.

Outside the Denver metropolitan area, Colorado is not densely populated. Hence, the rate of serious injury inflicted by dogs to people remains relatively low. Nevertheless, serious attacks by dogs on people do happen. This page will be updated when noteworthy news about dog attacks happen in Colorado.

For now, two noteworthy stores are as follows:

  • First, there was an event involving a pack great Danes.  In this incident, a group of unsupervised great Danes attacked a six-year-old boy in Pueblo West, Colorado in July 2013. Fortunately, boy survived. Circumstances of the incident suggest that it was a territorial response by this group of dogs.
  • A second piece of interesting Colorado dog bite news concerns a survey taken in 2007 – 2008. This research was sponsored by an organization called the Coalition for Living Safely with Dogs.  Results from the survey indicated very few dogs bite people, and the breeds most involved were Labrador retrievers, pit bulls and German shepherds.

For those readers seeking findings published in peer-reviewed journal regarding dog bites in the Denver area, I highly recommend the paper entitled “Which dogs bite: A case-control study”

Thanks for visiting! This page will be updated as needed.  Do not hesitate to contact Dr. Polsky if you are a Colorado attorney seeking the services of a dog expert witness.



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