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Dog Bite News in Wisconsin

  • $900,000 settlement reached in dog bite fatality case. Wisconsin dog bite expert
    A settlement of $900,000 reached in May  2018 for an incident that happened in November 2014 in which a  pack of dogs killed a 62-year-old anesthesiologist in Rockingham  County.  The victim sustained over 100 dog bites and was found in a  ditch after being reported missing.  The actual cause of death was not the direct result of the dog attack but rather due to a heart attack brought on by the attack, according to the official medical examiner’s report.  Investigation showed that the dogs involved had prior aggressive encounters with humans.  United States Postal Service would not deliver mail to the residence where the dogs lived. The owner of the dogs was charged with involuntary manslaughter.  15 dogs were found on his property, mostly hound and red and blue heeler type dogs. DNA evidence and witness reports confirmed that these dogs were involved in this incident
  •  A pet sitter was attacked by a group of Bull Terriers.  The legal issue that arises in this dog bite incident raises questions about an assumption of risk.  Read more:  Does dog bite assumption of risk hold for pet sitter attacked by Bull Terriers?

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