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Dog Bite News in New York

  • Man sentenced to jail for commanding pit bull to attack police officer. A man with previous felony charges, was sentenced to serve up to 12 Dog bite expert New Yorkyears in prison for ordering his pit bull to attack a police sergeant in 2010. The defendant, Jeffrey Cofield, represented himself in a bench trial in Queens Supreme Court before Justice John Latella. The incident occurred in August 2010, when police entered Cofield’s apartment. Cofield was inside holding onto his pit bull dog, and when police entered Cofield commanded to the dog to “get him”, he released the dog and the dog ran towards the police officer and latched onto his face, causing substantial injury. Cofield then grabbed the collar of the dog and pulled the dog away. According to the judge: “The defendant used his pit bull as a four-legged weapon to attack a police officer,” therefore justifying his ruling, particularly in light of the fact that the defendant had previous felony convictions.
  •  Petco found not liable for dog bite injury inflicted to child in New York.  The case stems from an incident in which the plaintiff and her daughter, while shopping in a Petco store, encountered a Rottweiler puppy on leash. The mother asked the owner if her daughter could pet the dog, and with permission of the owner, her daughter began to do so, but after several minutes of petting, the dog lunged and bit the child on the lip, resulting in severe injury…  Read more


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