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Concerns raised about the aggressive nature of Boerboels

A South African plastic and reconstructive surgeon states that he has seen an alarming increase in dog bite victims from attacks by the boerboel. According to an interview in February 2010 with Dr Jonathan Toogood,”Dog bite cases outnumber the cases I see involving motor vehicle accidents, incidents involving pedestrians, and domestic violence. And of the dog bite cases, approximately 80 percent of the cases I see involve boerboels.”

The boerboel is a large, working type mastiff dog, (weights up to 175 lbs) originally developed in South Africa, and although it continues to be most prevalent in South Africa, breeding programs now exists in other European countries and in the United States. The dog was originally bred for guarding and protection. A 60 y.o. South Africian lady was killed by a boerboel in January, 2010.


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