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Dog bite statistics and info for American Bulldog

American Bulldog
In recent years, the American bulldog has been implicated in serious dog bite attacks. Fatalities involving this breed are rare, however.

The American bulldog, developed from the mastiff line, is a large, muscular dog. Dogs commonly weigh over 90 pounds. In recent years, the American bulldog has become a popular companion animal, and with this has come a dramatic increase the incidence of dog attacks on people by this breed. This author knows of no specific dog bite statistics  for this breed, but there are many anecdotal reports suggesting an increase in attack frequency by American Bulldogs in recent years..

Nonetheless, American Bulldogs who are obedience trained and properly socialized at an early age, and derived from reputable breeders are likely to make excellent companion animals.  Male American Bulldogs usually have greater propensities for certain types of aggression, such as displays  aimed at challenging an owner.

Below are examples this author has gathered from online news sources. These examples illustrate the potentially dangerous or vicious nature of some American Bulldogs.    However, information gathered from these reports is usually sketchy with regards to the dog’s socialization and training history, the source from which the dog was obtained, how the dog was maintained, the dog’s history of aggressive responding towards people, and detailed forensic analysis.   Therefore,  for any given case, it is difficult to draw conclusions about causal factors for the attack.



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