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Fatal dog attacks US 2006

Dog bite fatalities in the United States happened relatively infrequently when compared with other causes of mortal fatalities fatality, such as gunshot wound, car accidents,and electrocution.  Pit bulls and Rottweilers have been consistently implicated in dog bite fatalities, and this can be explained solely through their powerful musculature and assumed bite force.  This statistical finding is no justification for the support breed specific legislation aimed at controlling ownership of these kind of dogs.  Presented below are the documented fatalities reported to have occurred the United States in 2006.  In total there were twenty-six human fatalities caused by dogs.

Reported dog bite fatalities in the United States for 2006

  1. Texas (January)
  2. Massachusetts (February)
  3. Montana (February)
  4. North Carolina (March)
  5. Missouri (March)
  6. California (April)
  7. Maryland (May)
  8. Tennessee (May)
  9. Mississippi (June)
  10. Texas (June)
  11. Kansas (July)
  12. Pennsylvania (July)
  13. Texas (July)
  14. West Virginia (July)
  15. Florida(July)
  16. Florida (August)
  17. Florida (August)
  18. North Carolina (October)
  19. New York (October)
  20. Texas (October)
  21. Alabama (November)
  22. South Carolina (November)
  23. Arizona (November)
  24. Georgia (November)
  25. Ohio (November)
  26. Texas (November)


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