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Fatal dog bite attack by bull mastiff kills 57-year-old lady in Ohio

Police say that had received numerous complaints about the two dogs that killed a 57-year-old lady on February 7, 2014 in Dayton, Ohio. The mauled body of the victim was found on the sidewalk outside her home. When police arrived at the scene to investigate, the two dogs involved charge them, and the dogs were then shot and killed. The owners of the dogs were then arrested.


Information is scant regarding the breed of the dogs involved or other information surrounding this incident. However, it probably would be fair to assume that the dogs were acting as a group, facilitating each other’s behavior, as commonly happens in these kinds of incidents. Another factor which this incident shares with others is that the fatal attack occurred near the area where the dogs lived. It is likely that the dog escaped from the property where they were kept.


Update February 10, 2014


The victim was identified as Kolanda Richey, age 57, who lived next door to the dogs. Richey was described as an animal lover, and the owner of  20 cats. Richey lived next door to the dog owners. the dogs involved in incident were described as a pair of male, bull mastiff mix dogs. According to the local news in Dayton, the victim had complained several times to authorities about the dogs but no action was ever taken. On the Facebook page of one of the owners, Julie Custer, the owner described one of the dogs as being “her right hand man” The photograph shows a bull mastiff possibly mixed Cane corso, a potentially lethal combination to say the least. Custer and her boyfriend, 28-year-old Andrew Nelson, have been charged with reckless homicide.


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