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How much is a Pomeranian worth?

Q.  I am defense counsel in a case where my clients’ dogs escape their dog run, head on to the neighboring property and kill a PomeranianPomeranian 1 year old.  The Pomeranian  was obtained from Pure Breeders LLC and had extensive training from Lorezno’s Dog Training Team in Ohio.  The main issue I am facing is one of valuation, rather than behavioral.  I was using google to see if there is anyone in Southern California who could help with this and came across your website.
W.S.   Farmers Insurance 

A. I am not qualified to put a dollar amount value on any dog. The dollar amount attached to any purebred Pomeranian would best be assessed by an experienced Pomeranian breeder.  However, there are other factors to consider in “the worth of the animal”. One factor to consider is the function dog  (e.g. service dog) is used for and the degree of “attachment” an owner has to the dog.   Each of these factors would probably affect the value of a companion dog. There are studies published in the literature which measure owner attachment.


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