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Richard H. Polsky, Ph.D. CDBC
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Legal Dog Bite Injury Blog

A blog for attorneys & dog bite victims by animal behavior expert, Richard Polsky, PhD. The dog bite injury blog was created to report current news about injury caused to people as a result of being attacked by a canine. An animal behavior perspective is used. Stories for inclusion have been carefully chosen based on where the incident happened, the breed of dog involved, the nature of the injury, legal implications, and whether a canine fatality occurred.

Rottweiler aggression & Stand Your Ground in Montana

Below, I report a case in which the controversial Stand-Your-Ground defense was used in the defense of 80-year-old Loyal Babb. Babb intentionally shot and killed his neighbor’s 10-year-old male, neuteredRead More

Dog Behavior Legal Expert | Animal Behavior Consulting|

Dog behavior legal expert, Richard Polsky, provides animal behavior expert witness consulting services to attorneys handling dog bite cases.  Dr. Polsky is President of Animal Behavior Counseling Services, Inc. locatedRead More

Dog expert testimony in CA dog bite lawsuit | A Case Study

Retaining the services of an animal behaviorist to render dog expert testimony often is a value  in lawsuits involving personal injury caused by canines.  However, attorneys handling the dog biteRead More

Animal behavior expert witness in California

Animal behavior expert witness, Richard Polsky, Ph.D. provides legal services to attorneys in lawsuits involving personal injury caused by dogs.  Dr. Polsky is available for assignment as a dog biteRead More

Animal behavior expert witness in California

California dog bite expert witness – Legal services of Richard Polsky, Ph.D.

This page introduces California dog bite expert Richard Polsky, Ph.D. to attorneys seeking dog bite expert witness legal services. Overview Dr. Polsky is an experienced expert witness. He has beenRead More

The 10 most important pieces of evidence to collect in dog bite litigation

The meaningful collection of forensic evidence is essential in dog bite litigation when the identity of the dog cannot be accurately determined. This could happen because the victim is unable to accuratelyRead More

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Dog bite law

Websites and other published material are now widely available which explain the basics of dog bite law and how this area of law applies to personal injury caused by dogRead More