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A blog for attorneys & dog bite victims by animal behavior expert, Richard Polsky, PhD. The dog bite injury blog was created to report current news about injury caused to people as a result of being attacked by a canine. An animal behavior perspective is used. Stories for inclusion have been carefully chosen based on where the incident happened, the breed of dog involved, the nature of the injury, legal implications, and whether a canine fatality occurred.

Landlord dog bite liability in a California pit bull attack

Dogs with strong aggressive tendencies towards other dogs usually present issues about landlord dog bite liability if the dog resides on the propertty of the landlord.  Unfortunately, this may not beRead More

Criminal prosecution for fatal dog bite to toddler by Doberman in Michigan?

Behavioral screening is absolutely necessary to ensure that a dog can be safely adopted.  This code of conduct applies to whomever is trying to adopt a dog, whether it be a privateRead More

How does animal behavior expert opinion apply to dog bite law in California & Arizona?

In this post, I will briefly discuss how dog bite law interfaces with the opinions an animal behavior expert might proffer in a dog bite lawsuit. The interface between the two isRead More

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  • User October 27, 2016
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Animal behavior & assumption of risk involving a St. Bernard

In dog bite lawsuits the doctrine of assumption of risk may be used to limit the liability of the defendant. The doctrine states that the plaintiff assumes the risk ofRead More

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  • User August 5, 2016
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Summary judgment reversed in Nebraska dog bite lawsuit

All fifty American states have well-defined laws which make a dog owner liable for bite injuries inflicted to the plaintiff. Generally, dog bite laws are based on the theories of strictRead More

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  • User January 18, 2016
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Washington state reaffirms dog bite liability against animal control

I previously reported a verdict rendered in a bizarre dog bite incident that occurred in Washington state in August, 2007.  In this case plaintiff, Sue Gorman, was viciously attacked andRead More

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  • User January 10, 2015
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Does dog bite assumption of risk apply when bull terriers attack pet sitter in Wisconsin?

In personal injury lawsuits, the fireman’s rule states that an individual may be barred from recovery because of the inherent risks of certain occupation. Thus, if a veterinarian is bittenRead More

Pit bull attacks 3 y.o in Jonesboro, AK when mother lies on adoption papers

When one adopts a pit bull type dog from an animal shelter due diligence is often necessary, particularly because the dog’s distant behavioral history may not be known.  Obviously, thisRead More