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Dog Bite News in New Mexico

  • Dog bite fatality in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. April 4, 2012
    Angie and John Hardiman, face five felony counts as a result of the 2011 mauling death of Margaret Salcedo by four pit bull type dogs. The couple was expected to be arraigned in court on April 4, 2012. Previous New Mexicodevelopments in this case suggests that the couple admitted that their pit bulls were Intentionally trained to attack people. District Attorney Clint Wellborn commented “I think just the nature of the case where the victim died a horrible death. I think we had to look at it because of those facts more than anything.”
  • Four-year-old girl mauled by family dog, a blue healer, in Las Cruces on September 13, 2012.
    A four y.o. child left unattended by her father in a trailer as he was checking the air in the tires in preparation for a camping trip, was attacked by the family dog, and Australian blue heeler. iIt is uncertain why this attack happened given the lack of details about the incident, particularly the relationship between the dog and child, and the immediate precipitant behavior by the child towards the dog at the time of attack.  Read more here.
  • New Mexico endurance cyclist loses part of scalp when attacked by pack of dogs. Three dogs, a boxer mix, lab mix and pit bull, escaped from a yard and attacked a endurance cyclist in Valencia New Mexico in April 2012. Read More
  • What kind of animals kill people in New Mexico?


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