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Richard H. Polsky, Ph.D. CDBC
Los Angeles, California

“Bringing the science of animal behavior to attorneys”

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Animal behavior expert testimony in Washington endorsed by Spokane attorney

Dr. Polsky served as the animal behavior expert witness in Washington for the defense attorney in Spokane.Washington Animal behavior expert

Two principal issues were involved in this case: was the plaintiff’s injuries caused by a dog bite from the defendant’s dog or  from her own dog? The second question  that needed expert testimony was whether the plaintiff provoked the defendant’s dog to bite her.

The value of animal behavior expert witness testimony at trial

This matter went before a jury in  2006. During the proceedings Dr. Polsky took the stand as an expert witness in animal behavior.  Prior to his testimony  before the jury, he explained to the Court why animal behavior expert testimony would be of value to the jury in answering the above managing questions.   the court allowed Dr. Polsky to  testify about  dog bite provocation and the identification of dog bite wounds.

The jury rendered a defense verdict.  Correspondence From the defense attorney who retained Dr. Polsky appears below. The attorney writes about the value of  having scientific animal behavior testimony  introduced at trial in civil proceedings in the defense of a dog bite claim.



 Washington animal behavior expert, Richard  Polsky, Ph.D. has been retained by attorneys in Washington state on over a dozen occasions. Issues addressed include dog bite provocation, and the identification of canine bite wounds as found in the above-mentioned example. Dr. Polsky welcomes inquiries from Washington dog bite attorneys.

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