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Children Dog Bite Injury Blog

A blog for attorneys & dog bite victims by animal behavior expert, Richard Polsky, PhD. The dog bite injury blog was created to report current news about injury caused to people as a result of being attacked by a canine. An animal behavior perspective is used. Stories for inclusion have been carefully chosen based on where the incident happened, the breed of dog involved, the nature of the injury, legal implications, and whether a canine fatality occurred.

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Dog bites & Children

Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is frequent consequence of dog bite injury. Studies have shown that approximately 40% of dog bite victims, particularly children, will be afflicted with this kindRead More

Dog Bite on Child Statistics | Dog Bite Expert Review

Dog bite injuries inflicted on children have long been recognized as a serious public health problem. Moreover, despite many efforts at dog bite prevention and education aimed mainly at children,Read More

Dog expert opinion on the danger of pit bulls to a toddler after divorce

As a dog expert, I have been asked to opine about the possible danger a pit bull poses to a child in shared custody following a divorce. Queries like thisRead More

DNA analysis used in Florida deadly dog attack

Six dogs were seized from a home in the Goulds section of Miami  following a deadly dog attack on a four-year-old old boy on August 13, 2014. The incident happenedRead More

New Jersey boy survives vicious Rottweiler dog bite attack

  The damage done when a Rottweiler inflicts dog bite injury to a person can be devastating.  Given the Rottweiler’s size and strength and the behavioral traits currently selected forRead More

Study finds children bitten most often by bull terriers and Jack russells in Australia

According to a study published in the Journal Pediatrics and Child Health, Jack russell terriers and bull terriers were responsible for inflicting a staggering 30% of the total number of dog bitesRead More

Three-year-old survives vicious pit bull attack in Ohio

Most toddlers  viciously attacked by pit bull type dogs are lucky to survive.  Epidemiological evidence supports this belief: studies have repeatedly found that a disproportional amount of fatalities and severeRead More

Labrador retriever viciously bites eight-year-old in face in Florida

Labrador retrievers have long had the reputation of being well-tempered, highly trainable, trustworthy, and a breed suitable for families with children.  News reports are rare about a Labrador retriever inflictingRead More

Mom bites off dog’s ear in Texas to stop pit bull attack on two-year-old daughter

In certain situations, particularly when one’s own child is at risk, any means of stopping a vicious dog attack is justifiable. This includes sacrificing oneself and accepting the risk ofRead More

Dog bite injury to children: What factors contribute to its occurrence?

In the United States, dog bite injury happens more frequently to children when compared with other age groups of people. This basic finding has been widely reported in the animalRead More

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Dog bite injury to children: What factors contribute to its occurrence?