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Dog bite expert, Richard H. Polsky, PhD, CDBC


Thanks for visiting dogexpert.com!  California dog bite expert

This website is the creation of animal behavior and dog bite expert Richard Polsky, PhD.  A content-based website for attorneys, paralegals and dog bite victims  

Attorneys searching for an expert witness are invited to contact Dr. Polsky.  Dog bite victims are encouraged to complete and send the incident form. 

Dr. Polsky is a uniquely qualified dog bite expert: PhD in animal behavior.  Strong academic background.  Well-published in peer-reviewed journals.  Certified Dog Behavior Consultant.  Invited speaker to insurance carriers and veterinarians.  Over 30 years serving pet owners as an applied animal behaviorist in Los Angeles.  Retained by attorneys on 300+ occasions. Qualified in both civil and federal courts.  These qualifications set Dr. Polsky apart from other dog bite experts. 

Dr. Polsky is available nationwide to render expert opinion.  Services include: documentation review, report writing and testimony at deposition or trial.  Evidence-based approach based on findings from animal behavior science.  Issues addressed include provocation, negligence handling of aggressive canines, temperamental assessment, reconstruction and analysis of personal injury caused by German shepherds, Cane corsos, Rottweiler, Pit bulls and other dangerous breeds.  Court qualified police canine animal behavior specialist.

This website shares Dr. Polsky’s knowledge, experience and opinions about animal behavior and dog bite law.  New stories appear on a regular basis.  Please use the search function on the home page or the Site Map to find relevant content. RHP Signature